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The Golf Studio Summer Practice Pack

The Golf Studio Summer Practice Pack

Introducing The Summer Practice Pack! Perfect for dialling in your swing between rounds, warming up while staying cool, or getting in a round of golf on a rainy day. Package it up and save $50 off regular studio time summer pricing. 

  • Package includes 10 hours of golf to use anytime, 24/7. Use it for 20 warm ups before a round, or rounds of golf - the choice is yours. 
  • Save $5 per hour booked ($35 vs $40 regularly)
  • Bookings are for the studio, not per person. Bring your friends and split the cost!
  • Good for use anytime until September 30th 2024

Each practice pack holder will be given a special discount code to use when booking your studio sessions. Get dialled in this summer!

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