How it works

We're a fully automated space, which means there's no staff on site. We want to ensure your time here is spent improving your game, not fussing with a computer. Here's a few helpful tips.

Unlocking the Door

After you book your tee time, you'll get an email from Kisi - our automated access system with a link to unlock the doors. When you first arrive at the studio, just open the email, click the unlock link and then press the Front Door unlock the front door. The reader will turn green, and you're in!

The Lobby

Once you're through the front door, you'll step into our lobby where you can drop your bag, take off your outdoor shoes, hang up your coat, grab a seat, and wait for the group ahead of you to finish. Take a moment to get familiar with our rules to make the most of your time in the sim. Once you're ready, open up your Kisi email again and click the "Sim Door" button to open the door to the bay.

Inside the Sim

Welcome to the sim space! Now that you're inside, you should be ready to set up your game. The computer, projector and Foresight Hawk will be on and ready for you to play.

  • You're welcome to use our Golf Studio clubs if you don't have any.
  • Snacks and drinks are available at our self-serve snack bar. Just scan the QR code, pay online and get snacking.
  • There's a bathroom out the back door down the hall (there's a sign). Bring your phone! The door will lock behind you, and you'll need your access link to get back in.

Playing Golf

The computer should be on the main menu where you can choose between Courses, Practice, or Games. Choose your own adventure!

After you choose, you can setup your game.

See our full guide for playing golf